My career approach has been to both satisfy my curiosity and acquire skills to run a business. I realize this may not be the most efficient approach, but it makes more sense knowing this before reading my resume.

Manager, Product Management

Started as a marketing-focused PM and transitioned to leading Tesla’s worldwide retail technology products, including large-format touchscreens and internal iOS apps. Worked with a great team of internal/external devs who helped revamp both systems from the ground up. Along the way, we scaled from a few US stores and service centers to hundreds of locations worldwide and 20+ languages.

Marketing Manager

Transitioned into a general marketing role where I led a rebrand effort, as well as video, social media and events.


Wanted to see how the startup sausage was made, so I went in-house at Zendesk. Handled all copywriting, including website, blog and sales materials. It was a wide-ranging job around the time when Zendesk was doing about $20-30m ARR.


Left auditing to find a more compelling career after moonlighting as a copywriter. My primary gig was copywriting for large companies, but the recession hit hard 6 months in and I had a lot of spare time, so I took on several projects/roles at smaller companies, including:
- Brand manager for Save Khaki and Mulholland (photography, social media and web content)
- Crafted the launch strategy a web product (Flow by Metalab)
- Built a financial model for Intel’s bid to replace the state of CA’s computers
- Copywriting for various clients, including First American/CoreLogic, Sutter Health, Blue Diamond Almonds and others.
- Helped redesign and revamp Self Edge’s website

Internal Auditor

Took the cautious path out of school and worked as an internal auditor during the nascent days of Sarbanes-Oxley 404 compliance. Learned some valuable lessons in how large companies operate across different industries and, most importantly, that auditing bored me.

University of Arizona
BSBA in Accounting

Figured accounting was best to learn in a structured environment and that I’d pick up the rest on the job. Largely proved true.